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These days, companies need a quality email list to market products and services to relevant customers at the right times. If you run a business and you don’t have an email list, it’s time to set the wheels in motion. Start by optimizing your website and choosing a suitable Customer Relationship Manager (CRM). 

If you’re new to email lists or you want to save time generating new leads, you might want to consider a list-building service. There are two kinds of list-building services available- B2B lists and custom lists. It all depends on the industry you work in and the quality of leads you need.  

Why Is List Building Important?

We know that email is a useful tool for targeting your customers, but is it more important than search engine optimization? After all, organic search ranking is an efficient and affordable way to capture the attention of the largest number of people searching for your product at any one time. In truth, there are advantages to both strategies, but here, we look at the benefits of email. 

Email Marketing Is Direct and Personal 

First of all, email lists contain the contact details of customers with a real interest in your product or service. Not only have they clicked the link, but they’ve also confirmed the signup in their email. This makes them high-value customers, especially when you have something to offer their segment. An email at the right time is more direct than SEO and has a personal touch.    

What An Email List Can Do For You

Direct Marketing Association statistics show that email marketing offers a 4300 percent return on investment, making it a significant tool to have in your kit. In some ways, email marketing is the opposite of organic search engine rankings because you target interested customers instead of them searching for you. Email subscribers are highly responsive to your messages. 

Customer Segmentation Produces Results

If you have an email marketing setup, then you probably use software that has a customer relationship management platform built-in. Popular CRMs include Hubspot, ActiveCampaign, and Salesforce. These platforms allow you to segment your customers by age, gender, interests, and spending habits. These metrics are powerful when it comes to target advertising.

One-on-One Communication

There are a lot of people in the world that are more comfortable with one-on-one communication, in both business and personal settings. When it comes to email marketing, it’s a chance for individuals to read the information on their terms. Emails allow customers to ask questions, which builds trust and connection with the business. 

Half The World’s Population Uses Email

Research by Radicati found there are 3.8 billion active email accounts in the world, which is half the world’s population. Almost every internet user has an email account which is why list building is so important. Most businesses realize that email lists offer the best value for money and the highest returns on investment. It provides you with a powerful direct marketing plan.   

What Is The List Building Process?

One of the most common features of a modern website, especially a business website, is a popup offering newsletter signup. If a user has taken the trouble to search the internet for your product, they have shown search intent, so it’s highly likely they will sign up for your newsletter. Below are some email conversion strategies and the process for building email lists on site.   

Content Upgrades

Digital marketers have discovered different ways to obtain emails for website visitors. If the initial newsletter popup isn’t enough to capture their attention, then maybe a content upgrade can. When the user has found the content they are looking for, you can offer them additional content such as an ebook, complete guide, or video content in exchange for their email. 

Exit Intent Popups 

If your website user is thinking of leaving the site without a conversion, an exit-intent popup can be programmed to appear when the cursor moves to the upper page boundary. This usually has a discount of some kind or an enticement to retain their membership. Exit-intent popups use Javascript code and can be programmed using the majority of website-building platforms.    

Gated Content

Another excellent method for obtaining emails is by using gated content. Similar to content upgrades, gated content offers additional content for free in exchange for an email address. The difference is that gated content can be partially gated so that users can access a percentage of the content before they have to provide their email address – they can then read the full text.

Squeeze Pages  

Squeeze pages are pop-up pages with startling colors and reliable information about the search intent. They are designed to offer additional information that could help buyers to make a decision on the website. The primary goal of a squeeze page is to obtain the user’s email address, so they usually combine a strong image, minimal text, and an obvious signup button.

Loyalty and Referral Programs

Depending on your business, you might be able to offer rewards to customers for referring new people to the website. This is an efficient marketing strategy because it achieves two goals, it attracts new customers to the website through a reliable word-of-mouth referral, and it collects new email addresses, thanks to the loyalty points for customers already using the product.  

List Building Processes You Need 

Start by using the above strategies to acquire emails from your website visitors – these are people with an interest in your product or service and want your additional content or more information long-term. Once acquired, you need to separate out the best quality contacts. 

Create a healthy email list that contains contacts that are responsive and steady – it’s normal to have some drop offs and volatility in the short term. A quality CRM platform can give you data on your email contacts, such as how often they open emails and what their bounce rates are like.   

Once you have your quality email contacts ready, it’s time to segment them and personalize the content. Customer segments allow you to target the right customers at the right times and significantly improve your conversion rates as a result. This can be done with a CRM platform. 

Finally, ensure that the emails going out are personalized, emails that are not personalized are more likely to be overlooked, and automatic emails can also go directly to spam folders and don’t improve your brand image. Conversely, personalization is unique and helps build trust. 

B2B List Building Services

If you work in B2B sales, you need leads to contact; that’s where B2B list building services come in handy. There are different ways to build B2B lists, you can identify your ideal customer and build lists yourself, or you can outsource the list building to a company to curate one. 

If you want to build your own B2B lists, start by identifying the traits and characteristics of your ideal customer. Think about what industries these customers come from, the value of the lead in terms of annual revenue, and what jobs and roles they occupy in their respective fields. 

Once you have an idea of who you are targeting, it’s time to generate some leads. Leads can be found in many places such as Linkedin and other social media platforms through reaching out, cold calling, warm calling, and using a range of SEO strategies to alert relevant clients. 

Another way you can generate leads is by using a link-building service that curates a list of emails on your behalf. Email list-building services can offer your business relevant leads that you can use to reach new customers and generate a click-through to your landing page on site.   

Custom List Building Services

If you operate a niche business such as cryptocurrency, data security, or construction services, you might benefit from a custom list building service. If your business has a product range that is only suitable for a small market, that needs to be reflected in your marketing campaigns. 

There’s no point in segmenting a list of emails for general leads if you operate a cryptocurrency platform; you might get some conversions from your efforts, but you would be far more successful if you curated a list of leads that focused on the financial sector or digital economy. 

Using a set of tightly arranged metrics, a custom list-building company can curate leads for you that are focused and relevant. This is also true of general list building, but custom lists are even more targeted to give you more chance of securing new customers and sales from the service.  

If you’re interested in list building services for your business, you can find them at The List Warehouse; whether you need list building services or custom lists for a niche industry, why not let someone else do the spadework for you and deliver high-quality, relevant lists conveniently.   

Whether it’s B2B lists or custom lists you need, list building services are convenient, relevant, and increase your company’s productivity. Instead of spending weeks and months on email gathering strategies, you can partner with a list-building agency to speed up the process. 

Although list-building agencies are convenient and suitable for a range of industries and niches, you will still need an email strategy on your website. This can operate in the background and should help augment any lists you acquire from a list-building agency like The List Warehouse. 

A quality list building service will start with a consultation to determine your market and target customers; they also gather information about the types of job roles you want to target along with the available budget for the companies. These metrics are used to curate some quality lists. 

Email lists can be as valuable as search engine optimization because they allow you to target relevant customers directly with products and services they have expressed an interest in. It’s useful to think of email lists as SEO in reverse,  though it is not an exact comparison. 

There are two ways you can go about obtaining email lists from your company – you can do the hard graft yourself by optimizing your website for email subscriptions, or you can partner with a list-building company that specializes in curating lists for businesses in any industry or niche. If you’re smart, you will employ both tactics to build quality short, and long-term industry leads.  

When it comes to list-building, there are two options in general: B2B email lists and custom email lists. B2B lists are made up of relevant leads in your industry and might include managers and buyers. Custom lists are used for particular industries that require some additional focus. Either way, you can find the services you need using a quality online list-building agency.  


What is a list-building process? 

This is the process of creating and curating an email list for your business – this is a list of people who have shown some interest in your website in the past and wish to hear from you again. You can acquire these emails using content upgrades and various pop-ups on the site. 

Is it important to build email lists? 

Yes! Some marketing people suggest that email lists are just as important as SEO – or even more so! Email lists provide you with direct access to your customer and a chance to build trust and rapport. Most companies operate a CRM that curates and segments the email lists. 

How can I build a B2B list? 

The first step is to identify your target customer – think about their position in the company or industry and their general profile. After that, you can start reaching out to relevant companies and clients using online platforms and offline business listings – you can also use a list service.  

How can I build custom lists? 

Custom lists can be built using the same system, but often companies opt for a list-building service that accelerates the process. For example, a custom link-building service will consult with your business and learn about the metrics you need to target for the quality lists and leads.