How B2C Email Lists Cultivate Relationships With Potential and Existing Customers

Business to customer email marketing ( B2C email lists) is one of those things that you have likely heard about in passing but never actually considered using for your own business. Perhaps you have had a bad experience receiving multiple emails from companies you weren’t interested in, so you think it’s a bad tactic. However, this is not the case. Email marketing is a fantastic way of cultivating relationships with potential and existing customers. Continue reading to learn how this is an effective technique. 

Targeted Consumer Mailing Lists

Targeted consumer mailing lists typically belong in one of three categories:

  • Compiled mailing list 
  • House mailing list 
  • Response mailing list 

Targeted mailing lists help businesses to figure out who they should be targeting. This avoids a company sending emails to everyone and receiving a low response rate. There is always the option for an individual to unsubscribe from these emails, so you don’t need to feel as though you are bothering them.

Using B2C email lists ensures that you exert your efforts on the people who will respond to this marketing tactic. 

Staying in Touch

Email marketing allows you to keep in touch with your customers, sending them exclusive offers for the subscribed list and updates on what is going on with the business. When you make changes to your business, customers like to be kept in the know. Doing this will help you to establish and maintain your relationship. They feel as though they are part of the business and important enough to be kept in the know about things that are going on.

Offers and Competitions

Offers and competitions are a fantastic option if you attempt to cultivate new relationships with potential customers. Advertising these over email gives users a chance to think about whether they want to enter, giving them time to read through all of the terms and conditions and make the best decision. Essentially, you give them the time to think through their choice, which they will appreciate, rather than forcing your business down their throat.

If you are targeting new customers here, ensure any emails you send regarding this are only sent to people who are not subscribed. Advertise in the email that it’s a new customer-only competition that will entice people to your business.

Thank You Emails

The last point we want to mention is that you can send thank you emails when people purchase from your business. You can send these by using your consumer email lists. These emails show your appreciation for the customers who choose you, making them feel as though they are part of the business. People who receive thank you emails and regular correspondence from a business they use are more likely to purchase and form a strong relationship with that company repetitively.

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