5 Ways to Reduce Your Email Unsubscribe Rates

Email marketing is a great way to increase exposure and brand awareness for your business, making the use of email lists essential. Businesses that utilize email marketing tactics can experience a high email unsubscribe rate from time to time for various reasons. Improving customer retention rates and reducing unsubscribe rates are important for keeping your organization thriving. 

An excellent email marketing strategy requires you to implement several measures to reduce your unsubscribe rate. They can also help you attract new customers and bolster revenue, allowing your business to grow.

How to Reduce Email Unsubscribers

A reasonable unsubscribe rate to aim for is 0.5% or below. Slightly below 0.5% is typically average and where you’d like to be. Above 0.5% indicates a need to rework your email strategy in order to retain customers. You may consider implementing several essential techniques to improve your marketing campaigns:

  • Plan out your content
  • Enhance load time on mobile devices
  • Send out content frequently
  • Implement multiple methods of communication
  • Optimize mobile use

Implementing these strategies will help you sit around the 0.2% range, reducing the impact of unsubscribers on your marketing efforts. If you’re looking for more consumers to market to you, you may implement the help of an email list broker.

Quick Loading Time

One of the most effective ways to keep people from unsubscribing from your email list is to have fast-loading content that won’t frustrate your customer base. You’ll want to check how your emails load for different clients and on various mobile devices to ensure it is not slow and unresponsive. People are more likely to stay subscribed to your emails when they load quickly.

Staying away from large images will help produce this lightning-fast loading. Remove other design elements that may cause your emails to render and take too long to load. It is also a good idea to remove any other visual elements that can make reading your emails a poor experience. 

Send Emails Regularly

An underlooked but critical method of reducing email unsubscribers is sending regular emails. You can do this manually or through an automated system o send emails at certain times or on specific days so that your subscribers never miss out! A steady flow of content decreases the likelihood that your customers will stay engaged, improving the effectiveness of your strategy.

When your subscribers know they will receive a helpful email from you on a repetitive schedule, it makes them less likely to bid your organization farewell. Many may opt to unsubscribe when you do not send emails regularly due to the uncertainty of information coming. Sending emails on a regular basis leaves less chance for a surprise to your subscribers, which may not be appreciated by those looking for a reliable, trustworthy company.

Multiple Communication Methods

Having different methods of communication can help reduce your email unsubscribe rate. Subscribers may want to opt out of daily communications without missing out on exciting updates. Giving them alternative modes of communication, such as SMS or social media networks, is a great way to let your subscribers know about important information and other things going on.

Plan Out The Content

After learning about your subscribers, it is important to cater your content to them. To reduce the risk of losing your audience, sending relevant content is the most important thing you can do. Finding a way to organize the content you want to send out is a great way to present a structured and professional appearance to your subscribers, which will make them want to stick around and see what else you have in store for them.

Try to remember that your customer base has signed up to hear from you for a reason. They want to see relevant content that might interest them in a new product or service that you offer, so don’t forget to cater your information to their desires. If a subscriber is on the fence about a particular product or service, the right email will help persuade them and give them more information, influencing their decision to make the purchase, improving your conversion rate and optimizing your revenue.

Mobile Use Optimization  

Today, many people open and view emails on handheld mobile devices instead of a desktop web browser. Unless you are stationed at a computer all day, it is much easier to check your email on your mobile device, which is why all your emails should look sleek and professional no matter what device they are viewed on. 

Try to create an eye-catching preheader text. This line loads before anything else when accessed via a mobile device, so it is crucial to use important information to grab your subscribers’ attention. Keeping the content of your email short is a great way to keep your subscribers reading once you’ve reeled them into the email. A few seconds is all you have to capture your audience and keep them reading, so it’s important to get the point across right away. 


You can’t please everyone. Unsubscribers are bound to happen when someone wants to reduce the clutter in their inbox, but by focusing on retaining your subscribers and providing them with highly personalized emails full of quality content, you can reduce your unsubscribe rate. Implementing these strategies will ensure that your hard work pays off and your email marketing campaign gets the job done!

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